Taxation around Foreign Pensions - Judge Dennis Davis

On the 15th of May 2021, News24 issued a press release focusing on Honourable Judge Dennis Davis’s (JDD) speech at the Glacier International Webinar, where he spoke about taxation around foreign pensions. In case you missed it, we have provided a summary below.

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Lifting of the Prohibition on Loops – Opportunity or Not?

On the 4th of January 2021, not only were South African residents already planning the normal “New Year New Me” resolutions, but the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) wasted no time by following up on their statements in the 2020 Medium Term Budget speech, pertaining to the abolition on the prohibition of ‘Loop Structures’. 

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Fee Schedules for 2021 are now avaiable

Our ACCESS, ADVANCED and ADVANCED PLUS Fee Schedules for 2021 are now on our website. Be sure to download these as they are the latest versions.

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We have updated our 2020 Tax Changes Microsite

With the 2020 tax changes now in place and the growing demand for expatriates to make provision for retirement, Overseas Trust and Pension (OTAP) now provides expats with the option for their employer to make contributions to a personal pension plan whilst the individual remains in their employment.

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New Processes: Digital Signatures and Video Certification

Even though the Coronavirus has impacted the lives of many, we have tried to create straightforward processes in order to help Advisers support their Clients. 

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UPDATE: Non-Standard Investments including Structured Notes

Following the extraordinary events since the beginning of the year, Overseas Trust and Pension Ltd (“OTAP”) has noticed a change in the type of investments being recommended by a small number of Financial Advisers.

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CONNECT - Issue 5

Welcome to Issue 05 of Connect, our periodic newsletter that provides updates on developments that may affect you, together with news, information and articles. We discuss a number of topics that we hope you will enjoy. 

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OTAP Co-Founder named in top 100 for the second year running

We start this year off on a positive note, as OTAP co-founder, Rex Cowley, has once again been named in International Adviser’s Top 100. More details can be found below.

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OTAP Fee update for 2020

With the end of the year fast approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all of the support during 2019, especially to those Advisers who provided us with new and repeat business throughout the year.

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OPES SA – Supporting documents now available

Following on from our refresher on the OPES International Retirement and Savings Plan (South Africa), we have put together a few supporting documents that you can make available to your clients.

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Get some insight from our latest 2020 Tax Changes webcast

To give Advisers additional insight into the 2020 Tax Changes, we have released a 15-minute webcast that gives an overview of the considerations in respect of employee benefits.

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Keep a lookout for our next 2020 Tax Changes Bulletin!

Keep an eye on your emails over the next few days, as we will be sending you our next Bulletin, which focuses on South Africans working abroad and how Employee Benefit solutions can help to normalise their earnings in advance of the implementation of the changing legislation in March 2020.

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Have you registered for our upcoming webinar?

Have you registered for our webinar?  With the 1st of March 2020 fast approaching, we thought we would give some insight into the 2020 Tax Changes and how it could affect your South African expatriate clients. 

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Do you have South African Expatriate clients?

How will they be affected by the 2020 tax changes? Looking for insight or a solution? Then join our webinar on the 14th May 2019!

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A Friendly Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder that we have updated our Activity, ACCESS, ADVANCED and ADVANCED PLUS Fee Schedules for 2019. Please see below the main changes that have been implemented.

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OTAP updates Fee Schedules

This month we give you a short break down of the changes made to our Fee Schedules, which came into effect at the beginning of 2019. 

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Season's Greetings from OTAP

2018 saw Overseas Trust and Pension (OTAP) deliver on a number of key initiatives, which have significantly improved service standards, operational efficiency and in some areas reduced costs to Clients.

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OTAP Co-founder Named in Top 100!

International Adviser recently published the 100 most influential people within the international financial services industry, and we are pleased to announce that one of our co-founders, Rex Cowley, has been named for his contribution to the international pension industry.

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Special Issues – Guernsey Regulatory Changes

Welcome to the October 2018 Newsletter. New Guernsey Pension Regulations came into force on the 30th of September 2018. The Regulations create fundamental changes to the Guernsey pension industry and therefore we have dedicated this month’s Newsletter to look at the new pension framework and the implications for Advisers, Clients, and Products.

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The growing importance of succession planning – A key business driver for IFAs

Welcome to the Overseas Trust and Pension (OTAP) August 2018 Newsletter. This month we have a look at the importance of talking to your clients about succession planning, and the business opportunities it brings. 

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CONNECT - Issue 4

Welcome to Issue 04 of Connect, our periodic newsletter that provides updates on developments that may affect you, together with news, information and articles. 

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Do you have clients that are Spanish Tax Residents?

Welcome to the Overseas Trust and Pension (OTAP) June 2018 Newsletter. This month, we provide some information about our OPES Spain Product, which is ideal for your clients who are Spanish Tax Residents.

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Mini-Series Part 7 is available

Welcome to the Overseas Trust and Pension (“OTAP”) May 2018 Newsletter. OTAP releases Part 7 of our Introduction to Foreign Pensions this month, which is our final instalment. This can be accessed in the link below. For all readers who have CPD obligations, this series offers CPD points! We also explain what ‘GDPR’ is and how it affects our communication with you. 

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New Appointments

Welcome to the April 2018 Newsletter. The first quarter of the year has been a good one for Overseas Trust and Pension ("OTAP"). We have welcomed some new faces to the team in SA and Guernsey and have introduced new and improved procedures that we hope will further improve our services to you.

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Administration Enhancements

Welcome to the February 2018 Newsletter. This month has been a busy one for OTAP, as we have implemented some administration enhancements that will make working with us easier.

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Season's Greetings

Welcome to the Overseas Trust and Pension (“OTAP”) December Newsletter. With the end of the year fast approaching, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during 2017.

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OPES and SENTINEL Comparison

Welcome to the Overseas Trust and Pension (“OTAP”) October newsletter. This month we have compared OPES and SENTINEL to help you decide which plan might help with your client’s financial planning. 

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New Client Due Diligence aid

We have created a Client Due Diligence Aid to help your clients better understand our due diligence requirements, how they meet International Law and to manage expectations.

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New Pension Legislation – A huge benefit for Guernsey

As of the 30th of June 2017, the business of pension provision has become a separate regulatory activity in Guernsey under the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, who has added creation, administration and management of pension plans to the list of regulated activities.

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Introducing ACCESS

Overseas Trust and Pension (“OTAP”) is pleased to announce the official launch of ACCESS.

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The UK Spring Budget introduced a transfer charge on Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS).

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New Appointments

New appointments announced for our South Africa team.

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As 2016 draws to a close

As 2016 draws to a close, we review the past year and look forward to announcing new products and services.

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Davis Tax Committee

The second and revised paper of the Davis Tax Committee’s (committee) paper on Estate Duty was released at the end of August. Our Bulletin considers the implications further.

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Completing forms? Doesn't have to feel like climbing a mountain!

Revisions to documentation We have recently reviewed some of our older documents and have made changes to the following: • Additional Contributions Form • Change of Adviser Form

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Connect - Issue 3

Issue 3 of our client newsletter discusses OTAP's recent acquisition of Carey Pensions and Benefits and much more!

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Now...who should receive this email??

At OTAP we understand that processes can at times be complex and lead to confusion or delays, to alleviate this we have created several dedicated email accounts for our Private Client Services function.

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June Bulletin - Brexit

Bexit implications for Guernsey.

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June Bulletin - MD Appointment

Appointment of Robert Shipman as Managing Director of OTAP.

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It's easy to keep in touch

We are delighted to confirm the acquisition of Carey Pensions and Benefits by Overseas Trust and Pension.

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South African Estate Duty Update

The recent changes to the South African Estate Duty Act created a degree of uncertainty as to whether or not South African Tax Residents who invested in foreign pensions, provident funds and retirement funds would be subject to estate duty on contributions that did not receive tax relief in South Africa. 

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Acquisition of Carey Pensions and Benefits Ltd...

Following a strategic review of its business, Carey Group has signed an agreement with Overseas Trust and Pension Limited (OTAP) who will take over Carey’s international pensions business, Carey Pensions and Benefits Limited (CPBL), with effect from 3 May 2016.

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Connect Issue 2

Cross Border Investing, CRS and FATCA are just some of the topics discussed in Issue 2 of Connect our Client Newsletter.

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Do you know your Source of Wealth from your Source of Funds

We appreciate the issues around SoW/SoF can at times be complex and lead to confusion, to alleviate this we have updated our due diligence and source of wealth and funds guidance to create a combined document titled Client Application Guidance.

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Don't let CRS get you down...

With the introduction of Common Reporting Standards (CRS) this January which follows on from the earlier developments in US and UK reporting programs, we are required to collect information about each members’ tax residency.

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A time for reflection...

As we approach the end of the year, we take time to reflect upon the year past and those who have helped shape our business.

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We're not set in our ways...

We are delighted to welcome Jane Duchemin as the CEo of the administration team based in Guernsey and alderney.

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Welcome to OTAP

Welcoming Lisa Salter, Bryony Kissick and Tim Linahan to our administration team!

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Davis Tax Committee on Estate Duty

Davis Tax Committee on Estate Duty

For use by Professional Advisers only

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Don't miss out... Connect... with your Clients!

We are delighted to let you have a preview of our inagural client newsletter "Connect."

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Future Projections.. and there's no crystal ball in sight!

Announcing the launch of our new financial illustration service.

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Limited time offer..!!

Overseas Trust and Pension - International Retirement Forum 2015  Double Qualification Points!

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To SIPP or not to SIPP..?

Dangers Facing South African Tax Residents Holding UK Personal Pensions and FATCA reporting amognst are some of the topics we discuss this month.

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From the UAE to South Africa, we'll take care of it..

We are delighted to announce the appointment of nicky Combrinck to the position of international Business manager.

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It's been a interesting year...

Pensions 2014 was a mixed year with more to come...

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Don't be Charged Down! Make the first 15 of the team...

Overseas Trust and Pension are pleased to be hosting the International Retirement Forum 2015 in London on the 16th and 17th October. The Forum is only open to Financial Advisers who specialise in advising clients on international retirement vehicles.

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We have lift off! New website launched..

You are invited to the launch of our new website!

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For Today and Mañana

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

Over recent weeks we have been meeting with some key professional advisers in Spain to discuss the exceptional business opportunities presented by: OPES International Pension Plan Spain, COPIA QNUPS and IBIS QROPS Gibraltar.

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Look no further - IBIS QROPS is here!

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

We are pleased to introduce a new QROPS for the discerning professional adviser. The IBIS QROPS was developed by Gibraltar’s largest law firm who worked closely with the Gibraltar Tax Office and Regulator to deliver a level of compliance second to none. IBIS is suitable for individuals who have left, plan to leave, or in the process of leaving the UK permanently.

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Overseas Trust and Pension arrive in Spain!

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Ed Cook to the role of International Account Manager. Ed is based in Alicante, Spain and has extensive knowledge of International pensions, trusts, tax and regulation.

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Overseas Trust and Pension arrive in South Africa!

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

We are delighted to announce a significant development to our service for South African advisers with the establishment of a permanent presence. In March Rex Cowley, co-founder of Overseas Trust and Pension, relocated to Cape Town to support the Professional Financial Adviser market and further develop our services for Africa.

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Hola OPES!

Welcome to our latest newsletter.

Overseas Trust & Pension are pleased to announce the launch of their unique International Pension Plan designed to provide a highly tax efficient retirement plan for UK expats resident in Spain: OPES International Pension Plan Spain

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