OPES lets you retire at a time and in a manner that suits you.

This means that you can choose where and when you want to retire, with a level of income that meets your requirements, and at an age that suits you.

The Plan is classed as an international retirement plan for Guernsey Income Tax purposes and provides retirement or savings benefits for you and your Named Beneficiaries.

The Plan is a very competitive and flexible structure with a high level of income, tax, estate and succession planning opportunities.

The Plan is an “unapproved” retirement plan in that it qualifies for an exemption from Guernsey Income Tax.

OPES International Retirement Plan South Africa

Designed for South African tax residents, allowing one to protect and consolidate wealth in a secure and flexible environment.

OPES is a Guernsey Retirement Trust. It combines the benefits of a pension for lifetime planning and a trust for estate and succession planning.


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OPES International Pension Plan Spain

The OPES International Pension Plan has been specifically tailored for Spanish tax residents and is ideal for expatriates. OPES allows you to consolidate wealth in a secure and flexible environment. You can draw pension benefits and pass on your wealth to future generations in a tax efficient manner.


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OPES International Retirement Plan

Suitable for UK expatriates who intend to remain outside the UK, internationally mobile workers, foreign nationals and those wishing to make additional contributions to their retirement plan with non-UK taxed relieved funds.


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OPES International Retirement Plan Portugal

Portugal offers an opportunity for both tax residents and Non-habitual residents to use and benefit from International pensions. The OPES International Retirement Plan provides individuals with a secure environment in which they may consolidate their foreign and locally sourced wealth, promotes flexibility in retirement and provides certainty for future generations.

The product treatment differs whether the individual is a Portuguese resident or currently enjoys the exemptions provided for Non-Habitual residents.