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Overseas Trust and Pension provides a full range of pension and retirement products. Our pension and retirement products provide a safe, flexible and cost effective way of saving for the future and protecting your family’s wealth. Where permissible significant tax efficiency can be achieved.

COPIA Guernsey

COPIA Guernsey Retirement Plan is the ideal way for Guernsey residents to save for their future in a tax efficient environment.

COPIA Guernsey provides members with benefits linked to the value of contributions and the returns generated from the underlying investments. COPIA Guernsey provides access to a range of funds and fund strategies managed by Kleinwort Benson (Channel Islands) Investment Management Limited.

The plan is open to individuals and companies.



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Qualifying Non-UK Pension - QNUPS

QNUPS provides a solution for individuals who need to make additional provision for retirement whilst protecting their family’s wealth for the future.

UK registered pensions have limitations with regard to contributions and a life time allowance is imposed on the amount of tax efficient funds you can accumulate.  As contributions to the QNUPS are paid after tax there are no such limits on contributions or the amount of the pension fund.

QNUPS were introduced by HMRC in 2010 but were effective from April 2006.


COPIA QNUPS is an ideal way to build a retirement fund in a tax-efficient manner in order to provide benefits for you when you reach your chosen retirement age. COPIA is available to Guernsey and non-Guernsey residents aged 18 or over (transfers into the Scheme can be made at any age).

COPIA QNUPS is a Guernsey based Retirement Annuity Trust Scheme (RATS) that qualifies as a QNUPS. The Plan is approved for Guernsey Income Tax purposes and provides retirement and savings benefits for you and your named beneficiaries. The Plan has a flexible structure providing a high level of income, tax, estate and succession planning opportunities. COPIA QNUPS allows you to choose from a vast range of investments and asset classes to create an appropriate investment strategy.