Product Range

We offer a range of highly efficient specialist international products which include pensions, retirement plans and trusts.

Our products are purposefully designed to help clients protect and enhance their wealth be it during their life time or that of their dependants or beneficiaries.

Key benefits

* Where legally permissible


Product Options

Clients can select a solution that best meets their needs dependant on their cost and investment requirements.

All our products, offered from Guernsey, have a Standard, Advanced and Advanced Plus option. Importantly all our products offer the same core advantages to clients irrespective of the investment option selected.


A packaged solution offering all the core benefits of both Advanced and Advanced Plus but with a defined investment offering. This is a cost effective simple entry level solution.


Offers open architecture investment flexibility via an offshore life bond. This option is not restricted to just one life bond and can take contribution by way of assignment of existing bonds making it ideal for wealth consolidation at an attractive price.


The most flexible from an investment perspective as it can hold multi-currency cash deposits, listed and unlisted shares, discretionary investment arrangements, life bonds and platforms. It is ideal for clients with more sophisticated needs.