Leaders in International Wealth Management

The combination of the experience and expertise of the executive and management team delivers a specialist, highly dynamic and strong leadership structure for the firm.

FOUNDERS & Executives

David Higgins
Co-Founder and Director

Rex Cowley
Co-Founder and Director

Simon Benarroch

BOB Banfield
Managing Director

Paul Guillou
Finance Director

Candice Price
Associate Director of Compliance

Business Development, Administrative & Support Staff

Catherine Bond
Finance Manager
Martyn Desperques
Pension Manager
Aaron Le Masurier
Private Clients Manager
Jeremy Bretel
Data Information Manager
Kimberly Newman
Human Resources Manager
Ryan Levy
International Business Consultant
Alf McKnight
International Pension Specialist
Nicole Theron
Customer Service Manager
Lee-Ann Windvogel
Team Leader - Compliance
Natali Iverson
Marketing Officer
Anika Faul
Business Development Assistant
Abigail Seeber
Specialist Client Liaison